For Ada….


Dear Ms. Lovelace,

Greetings,  My name is Tracy…. and I am a teacher.  I wanted to reach out to you, albeit, posthumously; to simply say thank you… for it is on your shoulders I stand…

It was very brave of you, back in your day to stand up as a woman; proudly using  your intellect and skill to develop the first computer program used with Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine in 1837.

I bet there were many people, both men and women, who cautioned you to sit down, be quiet… and keep your “proper place” as a woman in British society.   Wow! Women weren’t even allowed to vote in your day!  I can only imagine the number of times you wanted to give up.. or take the easy way out. But you didn’t… you kept on fighting, and working and believing.. You didn’t let anything, or anyone stand in your way.

And so today in 2017,  here we are… so many  women… of all backgrounds, have reached beyond the societal limitations imposed on us to achieved greatness in many areas; such as science, technology, engineering and math! (We call it  STEM now, LOL) Oh, and LOL means to actually laugh out loud! 🙂  So many women… women like Edith Clarke, Dorothy Vaughn,  Evelyn Boyd Granville, Grace Hopper, Radia Perlman, Ellen Ochoa, Mae Jemison… I could go on and on….

As a computer science teacher, my role is to inspire and teach the next generation of girls and boys, who will become the future leaders in their industries. They’ll use the digital literacy and STEM skills they are taught as a foundation to shape their future and hopefully build the world into a better place.

And so, the postings you will see on this site.. will be the best.. and brightest of my students sharing their ideas, insights and questions as they journey through the class they will take with me.

In closing, I say again, thank you Ms. Ada for your guiding spirit over the years and may your light forever shine in the eyes of my students.


~Tracy Danielle Grayson, MS  (TDanyel) June, 2017